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Microsoft SQL Server Consulting

Our focus is building applications that are fast, stable, and flexible. We will recommend a database platform that will fit your current needs but have flexibility for growth. Many of our clients start with Microsoft Access but quickly realize that they need more horsepower. Access is a good tool for some specific, limited cases -- but if you want more reliability and raw performance for a reasonable cost, Microsoft SQL Server is the right choice. We use the same rigorous standards no matter what platform we're designing for. So, you can be assured that if we develop a Access system it will be easy to migrate to SQL Server when you are ready. And if you have an existing Access database we have the knowledge and expertise to upgrade it to SQL Server.

The database is the cornerstone of every system. It doesn't matter how good your client software or web site is if the database is not designed properly. Upgrading networks or hardware can address many performance problems of a system. However, a bad design will not only increase your costs for hardware, but will increase your future development costs as well. In fact, you may find that a bad database design will limit or eliminate your ability to extend a system. We take the time to evaluate your system's requirements and design a relational database to fit those needs.

Microsoft SQL Server can support large client/server or web systems. We prefer it to other relational database platforms because of its array of administration tools, high availability, scalability, and reliability. When you have mission critical systems, SQL Server can be trusted to keep them going. Our staff has been working with SQL Server since 1994 and we pride ourselves on our unique talent for integrating business rules into robust systems. Whether you're looking for a client/server or web-based solution, we can help you design and deploy the database to support it.

Having performance problems with your Microsoft SQL Server database? Please call 763-551-2510 or use our Contact Us form and JCS can perform an analysis that can help you make the best decisions regarding performance improvements. In most cases, performance has been dramatically improved without purchasing more hardware.