Jibben Consulting Services

ColdFusion Consulting

At JCS, we focus on developing the 'guts' of a web site: the application logic and the database that supports it. Our tool of choice is ColdFusion. This server-side software has the power to do your site's heavy lifting while remaining flexible enough to yield a speedy time-to-market -- despite those inevitable last minute changes.

Our staff has been working with ColdFusion since its earliest releases, dating back to 1996. We have delivered content management systems, online registration & credit tracking services, and a number of job posting/human resources-related sites. Our experience includes interfacing with mainframe flat-file feeds, production SQL server systems, and simple desktop databases. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we are confident our staff of Macromedia Certified Professionals can help you achieve your goals.

As we've built our practice, we've found that the key component of every dynamic web site is the database. To develop an online system that has outstanding performance, stability, and flexibility, it is imperative that the database be designed and implemented correctly. JCS can design your database from the ground up or work with you to optimize your existing systems.

ColdFusion can deliver any blend of online content: HTML, XML, JSON, etc. JCS has delivered systems that serve up plain HTML, JavaScript-enhanced pages, and database-driven interfaces. Whatever your audience, we can help you reach them.

JCS believes in giving back to the community of developers that help make ColdFusion such a good tool. We were sponsors of the Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group and supported it by active participation in its monthly meetings.

We stand behind ColdFusion because it's helped make our clients successful -- and that makes us successful.

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