Jibben Consulting Services

Client/Server, Visual C++, and Visual Basic Development

We are fully experienced in developing Client/Server applications. Our systems include custom multi-threaded server applications that connect to dedicated databases, as well as client software packages that communicate with the server using a variety of protocols. We employ Microsoft's suite of development tools to deliver these powerful systems.

Our staff has been working with Microsoft C/C++ and Visual Basic since 1991. Since 1994, we have used Microsoft SQL Server as our database platform of choice. Our most recent Client/Server system is an automated credit bureau interface system that can retrieve credit reports from the TransUnion and TRW Credit Bureaus for rental applicant background checks. This system runs 24x7 and has processed over 150,000 background reports.

There are three key components to every Client/Server system. The foundation of any application is the database, and it's crucial that the database design support both the transactional and reporting needs of your business. The next building block is the custom server. It must be robust and be able to support high numbers of clients as well as standard communication protocols such as TCP/IP. Finally, the client or user software must be designed with the end-user in mind. We design client software that minimizes the need for specialized training by following Microsoft human interface guidelines. JCS can help you deploy Client/Server applications that will meet your needs as well as your end-users.